Sunday, 5 November 2017


Cheltenham Sable

Found unloved in a field, the owner was getting fed up of watching him rot away and had even lost the keys. 

How she was found, unloved in a field.

After a price was agreed with the owner, lots of hard work was started to get her back on her wheels...

Wheel back on! 

Back on her wheel and heading out of the field! 

She was full!! 

They hadn't fixed anything in the caravan but painted the inside of the caravan. 

Lots of rot, leaks, and work to do! 

James and Natasha have a heck of a lot of work to do.......but it will be worth it! 

Here is my first video, a little tour and chat with James about what work he has to do.

New oven going in and doors fixed! 

Looking much better with *new* oven! 

I will be following along and back to film how they get on. Make sure you bookmark this page for an update.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

My Dream Car

Volvo 240 GL


Its not every day your dreams come true, but last weekend, they did!!

Since buying our 1960's caravan I have been searching for a matching tow car. 
I have wanted a classic car for years, its just a different sort of driving. Its hard to explain, but it feels realer. 

Now, having three young minis and a vintage caravan to tow, it cut down my list.....we needed something which could pull well and be safe for our three mini people to be in. One of which is under 4 (I believe for pre-seat belt cars, the child needs to be over 4 years old.) 

This cut down my dream list, mostly full of cars of my childhood. I knew just what I wanted, whats safe and pulls like a train? A Volvo 240!! So many of my family members had them when I was growing up, it was top of my list! 

After almost 2 years of owning Daisy, spending every spare penny we had on her. I had started to think we could never afford a tow car. 

Let alone my dream 240!!

So enter the most stressful week or so - It started with a packed car, 3 kids, my husband and I. A big box of tools, on the motorway heading north.......The car broke down!! (Am hoping we will get to go on this adventurer soon, so wont say what we were up too....) 

We headed home, well we limped home, poor girl was sounding like a bag of nails....

A very stressful week of no car, no money to fix car and trying to think how we could afford a replacement....

There where three possible problems, making our beloved Touran run so bad. Two of which where crazy money to fix. Now, we love our Touran, 7 seats and amazing on fuel. We didn't want to have to sell her at a loss with a fault. Our options where limited. My husband bikes 22 miles a day, so we only have one car in the family. The push bike, in the winds we have had of late has been no fun at all for him! So I said, ages ago. Lets get a classic car to tow with and then if its terrible out you can take that. (Think what ever we brought in our sort of budget may not be all that reliable.) That was our plan, save up for a second car, so if something when wrong with the Touran (she is a very high mileage car and getting to the age where she needs a bit of money spent,) we would have options.... 

Like the cart before the horse, the Touran broke down before we had saved up, let alone brought a second car. 

I was depressed. If you know me, am always so positive and upbeat, as getting down about things wont help......I was down. Then a lovely friend, sent me a screen shot of a car for sale. The car I wanted, a Volvo 240. For only....wait for it.....650! Mmmmmm I thought, how much are kidneys going for? It wasn't crazy money...So I got on the case, got selling a few things and saved up all my pennies (beans for the next few weeks) The day before I was due to pick up, they told me, someone who had said they would think about it, had come back to buy her. 
:( I was gutted. 

But I had got it in my head and searched and searched...

I hated seeing how people had been ripped off by dealers. I had a low budget, but this was going to be our forever car. I wasn't looking for a car to make money on, but to use and love. 

Volvo's are safe, go on forever (heard about one, still amazing with a million miles, let that sink in a million miles!!) Parts are easy to find in the UK and we can work on it our self's. I wanted an early 80's one, still a classic but a few mod cons. 

While I was searching for a Volvo, some how my husband managed to get our Touran fixed!! I went from so down in the dumps, to just wanting to hug the Touran when he drove her home.

In just a week, I had gone from feeling so down and desperate to feeling like my dream classic was within my reach!!

Here she is, we drove miles and miles.....

She was worth every mile. 

Her old owner was lovely, he had owned her since she was 11 months old!
So selling her was a huge thing, an end of a era for the whole family. I have made a big promise that I will look after her and I mean it. This is my dream car!! Did I ever see my self with a red one? No but now I couldn't imagination her being any other colour. 

I have not stopped smiling, I was giddy when I got the call she was mine. I almost cried when we turned into the road and she was parked up waiting for us. She was gleaming. I know right, but wow, I have wanted this car for so long. At the same time, getting in her, was like stepping back into my childhood. It felt like, I've always owned her. She has been so well looked after with only a few little bits and bobs needing attention or the odd clip getting weak with old age to fix. She is amazing, and still un-named.
Lots of my followers have been giving me name ideas. I think I will have to do a twitter pole! 

So here is our Volvo 240 GL 1985, am over the moon, so happy!! 

Just a tow bar and a few little jobs to do! 

This is a very little sneak peek:

More videos and extra info coming soon! 

I just wanted to say, dreams can come true. Many years ago, an old boss said 'I changed my wallpaper on my computer to my dream car. Then every day at work, I worked towards my dream. Till that car was parked on my drive way.'

Today, I changed my wallpaper over from the Pinterest photo I found of a Volvo 240, to a photo of our Volvo 240! 

I know its just a car, some will be able to afford a million and some non. But to me, this was a big goal and getting there has filled me with I could get my husband to give up the keys to let me drive her......Tee hee, I think he understands now why I wanted to buy her!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Retro Caravan Tour - Erica 1978 Europa 390

Meet Erica, a 1978 Europa 390. 

She is every bit a 70's lady, ready to head out on adventurers! 

We headed out to a hidden horse field where Erica is stored, to have a little look around. She is about to go on sale, so being emptied out after a summer of trips. Light, yet cozy inside and really roomy! I still can't get over how big the wardrobe was! The mini's had lots of fun feeding the horses carrots while I filmed this beauitful caravan in great ready to go condition. 

She really does stand out with her (original) orange paint! If you have been following my blog for a while you will know our Daisy, is a 1969 Europe. This Europa is what ours became a few years down the line! 

Still with loads of her original features, and funky carpet! 

Click below for the tour! 

For more tours make sure you subscribe to my youtube! 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Review - Mellerud Cleaning Products

Centurion Europe have very kindly sent me out some Mellerud UK products to try in Daisy our 1969  caravan. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that environment friendly products are really important to me! So I was happy to see that this company are doing something to help their environment impact. Click here for more information from Mellerud. The products I have been sent are not part of their bio range but heavy duty cleaners. All their products come in recyclable packaging. Please keep in mind that these are specialist cleaners and should be use very carefully. (Full ingredients lists are available on their website.)

I have been sent the following products to try:

Black Streak Remover

So first up is the Black-Streak Remover

Am so excited about trying the Black-Streak remover! Am sure all caravan owners hate the black streaks left by the rubber around the windows. (My top tip is to oil the rubber, I use baby oil, its fab on all window rubbers. Make sure that you remove any excess from the paint work straightaway. This will feed the rubber and help to stop cracks.) I almost cried, the first rain after painting Daisy as the back marks where out in force!! 

Here is my YouTube full review of this easy to use product! 

Next is the Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner! 

Another simple to use product, which I got all over me through lack of coffee! 

I tried it on our Daisy's wheels. At almost 50 years old, a bad/quick paint job and lots and lots of grease, they where perfect to try this product out on!  

I was really impressed with it, easy to use and worked! They went from grimy and dirty, back to white!!

Here is my YouTube video all about the Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner - 

Make sure you bookmark this page as next review of the Motorhome & Caravan Heavy-Duty Cleaner is coming next! We have an exciting project *if we pull it off* to try this product on!

So like I have said, I only review items I use and would recommend. I have been sent this product to try. Please keep in mind that these are specialist cleaners and should be use carefully.

If you would like more information regarding these products, please click here.

Want to know more about Daisy? From holes, damp and rot, to family caravan! Click here.

Saturday, 14 October 2017


Our Retro/Vintage Caravan Daisy


Bluebird Europe Three

Click here for my blog, all about wanting a retro caravan!

Meet Daisy, 
our 1969 Bluebird. Our oldest son named her, she is fast heading on for 50 years old. When we brought her she was full of rot, holes and damp. Now with a little help from my amazing Grandpa and Husband, she is back off on adventures! 

Click the link below to see what she would have looked like, back almost 50 years ago! 

Daisy, back in the day!

Doing up Daisy

The first round of works:

When we brought her home she was full of rot, damp and holes. Missing trim, no working road lights just to name a few things! 

Click here to see how we got her usable in just 8 weeks!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Earth Petersfield

My husband and I changed to plant-based/vegan about two years ago. We hadn't found an all vegan restaurant we could try in that time....till now....

Earth in Petersfield!

This was such a mix of compete excitement and confusion! Most of the restaurants I have been too in the last two years, haven't been picked by me and well lets just say its along the lines of 'oh a vegan in your party...erm.'

So I have had very interesting meals put in front of me. Now thats not to say you cant eat out, but we have mostly insured we have taken something with us. Not only does this save you money on your day out, but also insures you wont be trying to find somewhere to eat with over tired and hungry mini people! 

So for my husbands birthday, on a recommendation from a friend, we headed to Petersfield.

We could pick ANYTHING from the menu. I had to put that in caps, as that is so new and so odd. (I want to add here, that options for vegans are getting better but this was still so odd to me.) I had to ask like twice, this is all really vegan? Partly this was due to things being called 'chicken' on the menu, which kept throwing me. Hubby and I had a long conversation on this subject. We get it, its so much easier for a meat eater, changing over to understand, ok, that's like chicken. But for me it freaks me out, I don't want to eat a chicken, I don't want to see that word. For me, I think it should have a name (like their Hulk burger,) and then underneath saying something like 'chicken like.' Am sure a meat eater, could not tell the difference. 

Now, for us, we like the texture of replacement meats. We both don't like if it is to close to the taste, this is due to this panic feeling, of saying, 'hang on I don't want to eat meat.' 

O M GOODNESS, their milkshakes.....WOW. We both had the Mint one (I tried his and had to have my own!) It was just like Mini Choc Chip icecream, my favourite. It was amazing. Am not going to lie we almost ordered a second...

We went for the Hulk and the BBQ burgers. It was AMAZING.

This is mine the BBQ, wow, wow, wow. It was yummy, good, fatty (but not the bad stuff) amaziness. I really had to ask my self questions, was it like a beef burger, no, but I don't think a meat eater would think that. It didn't make me freak out being to like meat but it did taste so good! It also didn't make me think, goodness I have missed meat burgers, it was perfect. 

The portion sizes where not huge. Think posh fast food. The prices where good and even though there was not loads of chips etc, we both felt full. Not horrible over full, nice full. (I can't wait to go again.)


It was a Wednesday daytime, and there was still quite a few people in there. At the back there are tables with plugs and we saw a girl working on her laptop. We both commented it would be a lovely place to do some work from, with a coffee, food or just a shake or cake! 

We tired the popcorn chicken and for me it was a little to close to real chicken. It tasted nice, but don't think we would order it again as the burger was just so amazing that it didn't come close.

 Ketchup is free and on the table, other sauces where 50p each. We didn't need to order anything extra.

Make sure you try their shakes, we both sat how wonderful it would be to take the kids here as kid friendly and so welcoming! 

I loved extra touches like the napkins.

On the back of the menu was loads of facts. Good talking points and I think would really make a meat eater think without being in your face with it. 

I liked that, they are trying to make a difference without being over the top and in your face. 

You can make a difference, just by going to this restaurant one time! 

Am going to add this photo again, as trust me you will not be disappointed! 

I have not be paid or asked to do this review, but I want to make sure lots of people hear about it (three of my friends are already heading to Petersfield.) Amazing well done Earth!! 

Wanna go, check out their website here - EARTH

Monday, 2 October 2017

The Oven, Hayling Island

Beautiful Hayling Island

Down on the south coast of England, is this well known holiday destination. Generations having been coming down to Hayling Island for their summer holidays. Known for its campsites, and beaches. The home of windsurfing, close to Portsmouth and Chichester. It makes for a perfect spot for heading out to see the sights! 

I was a little worried about this weekend, as it was going to be close to wear we live and my husband had to work.......Three mini people, mostly on my own. 

Happy birthday pops, got your *new* bike done up just in time!

I shouldn't have worried, it was one of the most relaxing weekends I have had away in Daisy. (Click here to read all about our 1969 Bluebird caravan called Daisy.) We camped with the Retro Caravan Club and the people we camped with where so wonderful. One towing Daisy out of the mud for me, our car just doesn't have the power! Helping to hitch her on and even my lovely friend James followed me home to help get her back on our drive. The mini people made such a good friends with three wonderful girls, who they played for hours with, football, British Bull dog, to the campsites little play park, off on walks around the rally field. I can't remember the last time, I sat with a coffee and chatted to such lovely people, while watching my children play in the field like that! It really did feel like we had gone away on holiday with family! 

Being without hubby in the day, we didn't explore Hayling, and just relaxed in the beautiful rally field. 

Playing in the *light rain, running around a field, exploring, riding bikes, last weekend was what really family holidays are made off!

Thank you to everyone who helped me this weekend, had such a lovely time and cant wait to go away with you all again soon!

The Oven was fab, lovely warm shower, beauitful rally Field and such lovely staff!!

Wanna stay at The Oven click here for more info : Hayling Campsites