Sunday, 21 January 2018

Our New Project!

We drove through driving rain, hail, sleet and snow. Three kids in the back, blankets, food and spent from 10am till 6-7pm in the car (with a brake to hitch up and play in the show!!) We had no idea when we left the house what weather laid in wait for us the higher north we drove. 

Our youngest Dot, has never seen the snow before and just stood in shock while the boys set about making snow balls! I am so proud of our little people doing so well and not needing to watch anything till at least 5pm - by that point we had all had enough. 

I stopped counting at around 10 smashed up cars on the side of the road....It got to a point where my husband Tim said we should think about turning back but we where almost there. In such bad conditions we still saw so many people driving so badly. Speeding, changing lanes without warning, and with far too much speed. Using fog lights in driving rain - I hate that!! 

Slow down people, be careful!! 

Turning off the main road was where the real fun began, not salted!! 

So why where we doing this?!?!? At last we where going to pick up something very exciting! We needed all this....

My bargain tool box from a boot fair, a lighting board, two wheels, a jack, and lots of tools! 

What could we have been going to get......

A 1960's Sprite Alpine!

She was sat looking a little unloved but moved with no problems and despite being left for a while towed home perfectly! 

She or he, is our *new* 1965 (possibly 1966, or 1964, no one is sure!) Sprite Alpine! We haven't thought of a name and may run a little comp to find the right one so watch this space! 

Our Touran is now up for sale, so this may be our last towing adventure with her. We felt a little sad about that :(

Am very over the moon about this little Alpine as so much of her original self is still inside!! Lots and lots of work to do but will be worth it.
It was so lovely to chat with her old owner about her adventures and will keep in touch through her restoration. We feel very lucky! 

The mini people where so amazing and so proud of my husband driving us all back ok in terrible weather. 

I will be updating the blog with a video of our little crazy snow adventure soon, so check back soon. 

Here is a little sneak peek of our new Sprite, on our little adventure to get her! 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Slow Cooked Sweet Chili Sauce

If you know me well you will know I have a big thing for chili sauce.....Like a big thing. 

I had a little experiment, as I had managed to get a heck of a lot of tomatoes in the reduced section - yay! I have made sweet chili sauce before but this time I wanted something closer to ketchup. 

Before we get into how I have made this, I want to just say this - It takes like 2-3 days to make.....You will need a slow cooker and blender, I use a hand blender :)


400g Tomatoes (I just used salad tomatoes, am sure it was more but looked at the pack afterwards. Am going to make again to be sure - Fill your slow cooker)
1 red onion
3 Bok Choy
2x cups of sugar

Chili powder, black pepper, paprika

First chop up all the tomatoes, and throw them into the slow cooker. 

Then chop up the onion.

Don't worry about chopping them up to small. 

Chop up the Bok Choy, I used about 90% of the green part.  

Once you have popped it all in your slow cooker (set to high) add the sugar and a tea spoon of the chili and paprika. A good helping of black pepper. You can add more later if needed. 

I cooked on high till the sugar had almost gone. 

Then left it over night on low with the lid on. 

in the morning, I took off the lid and gave it a good stir. There will be a lot of liquid at this point. 

I then left the lid off and cooked on high, this is the sort of dish you need to be around for and stir every hour I would say. Also taste it and see, is it too sweet or does it need more kick? You can add in more chili if needed but wait till closer to the end ;)

The smell is amazing!! The colour will really start to change.

After about 8hrs on high with the lid off, I blended it down with my hand blender.

I added a little more chili powder at this point. 
Time to jar up or use.

Its perfect cold as a dipping sauce, add some tinned tomatoes and make a pasta sauce, or on pizza. So many different things!! 


Thursday, 18 January 2018

Review - Wicked Kitchen Mushroom Wrap made for Tesco

After sharing the great news that Tesco are bring out some new Vegan items, my Facebook followers asked that I review some!

Wicked Kitchen Mushroom Wrap

I really, really wanted to LOVE this product.....I was very disappointed :( The first biggest problem I had was the packaging. When you first pick it up, it looks like a paper bag but oh no its plastic lined and has a huge plastic pull out tray. 

Most people who have are Vegan are doing it for one or more of three main reasons - 

Animal Welfair

The order of those is different for everyone but they are the three main things. Like most of the people out there, we are all thinking a little bit more about plastic....thank you Blue Planet. 

So a Vegan product really needs to be thinking also about the environment. Someone really dropped the ball on this one, when coming up with the design for the packaging.

Not all of my Facebook followers are Vegan, but interested in what I share. You don't have to be 100% Vegan to be making a huge difference (keep an eye out for my reducing waste blog coming soon.) I think its wonderful more and more people are thinking about their impact to the Planet and what is on their plate. All I will ever say is make informed choices. Know whats on your plate and where it comes from. Interest in Vegan meals, is on the up! Its a very good thing, and I want to be able to support new products coming onto the market. Many of my Facebook followers asked if I would review this new range, and some raised that the packaging had really put them off buying it. 

I see why now, the plastic tray was the same size as my face!! 

I must add I have only tried one item from the range, and will keep trying more in the hope they get better...

What did it taste like, I hear you ask - A plain boring soggy carrot full mess! 

That's what it tasted like :( I was so disappointed. Where was the mushroom??? There was so much carrot, way to much, made me wonder if this was to feed bunnies not me. Soggy and wet. All that plastic did nothing to keep it fresh and ready to eat, there was no crunch or deep flavor. 
I almost put the whole lot in the bin, it was like eating something which had been sat in a puddle. Like I said, so disappointed. The Tesco own Vegan wrap is so good, and for the same money you get the wrap, a drink and crisps/or fruit. By the end of my meal, I felt like I had been taken for a soggy ride :( I wouldn't buy this wrap again and think it would put people off turning to a Vegan diet. 

It was so very disappointing and I wanted so much to like it. 

Please, please support new Vegan items coming on sale. Maybe give this wrap a miss though...Make sure you give feedback and I am sure they are better than this soggy disappointment. 

I will keep trying more of the range and let me know how I get on, if you have tried any and yours was ok let me know!! 

Alice, ever hopeful for a rethink on this product :)

Monday, 8 January 2018

3 go exploring

Review of the Lord Pulett Arms

One of our last outings of 2017, was for my Granny's birthday. I was a little worried as my husband was going to be working that day and the thought of my busy 3 mini people in a pub......was not my idea of fun.....I didn't need to worry! Such a beauitful pub inside and out. 
A lovely friendly welcome, helpful staff and heavenly food.
They had sorted us a part meat eater, part vegan and vegetation menu to pick from. As we where a mix of vegans, veggies and meat eaters, there a huge group of us! 

I had from the vegan menu:

Heritage Beets
for my starter

When it arrived I was a little disappointed as it looked tiny....It was amazing, the tastes where just glorious! It made up for being small by being so very yummy. I wasn't left feeling hungry. 

Pecan and Parsnip Risotto
for my main

Wow, again when it arrived I was a bit unimpressed by the of it. My goodness, it was beauitful. A taste of parsnip through it and I loved it! 

It looked like a small amount, but it was packed full of flavor and filling! Delicious! 

Roasted Apples
for pudding

Yummy! The first two dishes where amazing and this dish was not as amazing. Still yummy, and good but not in the same league as the first two. 

As it was my Granny's birthday and we was a big group of us - my mother made one dairy cake and I made a dairy free vegan cake (Click here for my mega easy vegan cake.)

Before we headed back to the car (please note their car park is tiny, and I will park on the road when I go again) for the very long drive home, I took the mini people to the garden.

Even though it was December, it was a really warm day. A run around just in two layers was perfect after being in a warm cozy pub. The garden was beauitful, they could have stayed there for hours very happily. 

There where different levels, and you could tell it would be even more beauitful in summer. The mini people loved running around and investigating the garden. It was lots of fun to explore with them, so much so, I filmed them running about and looking for things with wonder! 

I was shocked at not only what a beautiful little pub this was but how amazing the food was. Its always scary being told, yes we can do vegan but to have done it so well was amazing! We all had a wonderful time and am making sure we go there again!! 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Cheesy Potatoes with Gnocchi, Tomatoes and Olives.

This is a really yummy dish which I was surprised to see cleared plates from all of us. (3, 5 & 7yr olds loved it.) 

Its a real 'what ever you have to use up' sort of dish. 


For the Gnocchi with tomatoes and olives - 

1x tin of tomotoes
hand full of green olives (you wont need loads, a small amount sliced in two is fine)
hand full of mushrooms
1x onion
1/4 red pepper
1/4 yellow pepper
hand full of sun dried tomatoes
huge hand full of spinach
1x stick of celery
hand full of cherry or favorite small tomato

Black Ground Pepper
1-2 glasses of white wine

This is the sort of dish you can really add or take away, only have red wine in then use that. Don't like spinach leave it out, this was just what I had in the fridge :)

In with the above dish is Quorn Fillets but hard to see from my photo :) You don't have to use these, but they are quite yummy :) and our mini people like them too. 

For the Cheesy Potatoes - 

1-2 white potatoes per person
corn flour
vegan cheese (You can leave this off if you want, I used Tesco own mozzarella as it melts really well.)

I find the best way is to slow cook for a good 40 mins, if not longer, this just makes the flavor deeper. 

First fry up the onions, peppers, celery and mushrooms. Adding pepper and herbs (I added about a teaspoon of fresh rosemary, a tiny amount of ground garlic too once I had added the tin of tomatoes) Once they have started the brown, throw in the cherry tomatoes, and the wine. Then add the tin of tomatoes (re-fill with about half again water) and the olives. Add the spinach and sun dried tomatoes. Pop a lid on and let it bubble lightly while you get on.

Get a large bowl, peel and slice up the potatoes.

Then toss the potatoes in the corn flour. Making sure they are fully covered. 

I had run out of oil so had to use the oil from the sun dried tomatoes jar.....

You need the oil to be quite hot, so have your wits about you! Fry the potatoes till they have browned both sides. 

You could serve straight away but to help with timing and to allow the cheese to melt I put them on a baking try. 

Sprinkle on cheese and put to one side. 

At this point I transferred the gnocchi over to a baking tray. Slow cooking in a pan makes the gnocchi very soft, popping in the oven and roasting it, gives it just a little more loveliness.

Put the two trays in the oven and roast.

While this was roasting I cooked the Quorn, I cook it like this (am sure the package says differently.) Quorn slow cooked in a sauce turns to mush I have found so I add it in last minute ;)

I fry it from frozen, adding pepper and a little oil. When it has started to brown both sides I add a bottle of Babycham - I don't know why, I think it was just the only thing I had in the cupboard but now I do it every time! I turn up the heat till the Babycham as started to boil and then reduce down the heat until its gone. 

Gives it a lovely flavor. You don't need to add Babycham or cook it this way. A small glass of white wine would do the same thing. 

Once the two trays of potatoes and gnocchi have roasted nicely (this is good meal if you are running late getting everyone to the table as you can just turn down the oven or after putting it into baking trays you can put to one side and cook later (or freeze just the sauce or half, at that point too.) 

Plate up..

It was yummy, and all the plates where cleared.


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

What it's like to be a mummy to a child with speech delay - Update

I've had so many lovely messages about my blog, What it's like to be a mummy to a child with speech delay, that I thought its time for an update! 

We have two boys with a speech and language delay. If you have read my last blog on this subject you will have an understanding on how hard day-to-day life is. I wrote that blog in June 2016. Its now June 2017 and our life's are so different! 

In just one year, we have gone from our middle boy, Bear, not even being able to say his own name. Let alone tell me what hes felling or what he wants. To now, hearing the words 'I love you so much mummy.' He's just turned 5, and now knows his name, our names and can tell me how he is feeling. Yes, he can still trip over his words, and some are hard to make out. He may not have formed his sentences beautifully or used the best English but we are leagues away from where we where a year ago. 

I was so worried about our boys starting school. Bear a very strong little boy, who pretty much had no idea what was going on around him. This lead to him acting out and me having to hold him tight while he hit, kicked, pulled my hair, scratched my face and arms, like holding a scared wild animal. He is a little wild one. Its gone from pretty much daily, to once in a blue moon and mostly when added things are in the mix like over tiredness.  

Our oldest, was in the same boat, but without the aggression. Have they fully catched their peers up? No but I feel like we are finding our way out of a dark forest to a path which will lead us out. We are getting somewhere. Their school have been amazing, at understanding their needs and helping them to get to a point now, where they are starting to read and write. For a very long time, I couldn't see the day our boys could say their own names, let alone write them!!

Can anyone tell me why they have a delay, no. So far they have not found any underlying conditions, or reasons for it. 

They now play together, this may seam small but for our boys its huge. Before they had no way of communicating with each other. Imagine trying to play a game with someone who spoke a different language to you? This lead to a lot of aggression, frustration and upset. Yes, they are to little boys so we still get disagreements but its no where like it was! 

(One thing which really helps me is 'it goes away.' When they arguing/disagreeing over something, it gets put away. All I have to say is 'what happens when you argue over something?' They reply sadly, 'it goes away.' Mostly they then hand me the item or they work out between them who gets to play with it. This has helped me no end! Am trying to teach them not to fight over it but work it out between them, nicely!)

So this week they got a certificate from school, for being a Superstar Learner. Each week, different children are picked and they get to stand up and have their teacher talk about why they have been picked. The parents get to go in and see them getting their certificate! I was blown away with the fact that both our boys where picked in the same week!!

It was also a non-school uniform day too ;)

Am so proud of them I could burst!! We have gone from not even knowing their own names, to being a Superstar Learner!! 

Are we out of that dark forest yet? No, but we are making our way to the path. I count my self so lucky as for many parents they wont get to find that path. I feel very blessed to be thinking to my self that one day, one day soon I wont have to explain to people 'he has a speech and language delay.' That this dark cloud hanging over our life's may be lifted.

Whats my advice for other parents, your not alone, when your child is screaming and hitting you in Tescos due to the fruit being empty and not understanding you explaining why. I understand, I have been there and it will get better. Get help and support, fight for your child to get support in school. There are lots of brilliant support groups online and don't feel like you are alone. 

Am not sure if they will ever fully leave this behind or if we wont find out they do have something later down the line. For the moment though, I feel like I can breath a little and our day to day life is getting so much easier.  

People judge, hey we all do it. I get that, but after the one millionth time I have had to explain 'they have a speech/lang/understanding delay' it gets quite heartbreaking. I know they have come so far, but to the outside world, they haven't seen our struggle. I get it, am putting my self and my family out there, by blogging. Sometimes its hard. 

June was some time ago......I got to this point in writing out this blog and I got really upset and left it. 

I was writing on a forum about how my oldest was given something non vegan at school by accident and advice for how to handle it. (The school where brilliant at making sure that it wont happen again and as hard as it was at the time, I was happy with how they handled it.) I had noted in my post about how my child has an understanding delay so cant always explain what he can and cant eat. I got some really horrible comments, all about how my child should be able to explain hes a vegan and what he can and cant eat....

I posted a link to my older blog. A lovely friend sent me a message, she had said, she didn't understood why I had shared what my life was like living with speech delay.....till she saw the way I was treated in that post. She messaged me to say, now she understood why I had shared it. That she was so shocked I had to explain why my 6 year old couldn't communicate what he could eat. 

I was so upset over it. Looking back now, all these months later, I still feel sad that I have to explain but at least I know that sharing my story of living with it has helped so many others, and that its helped others to see my point of view too. 

So here we are at the start of 2018....

Wow, our oldest is now 7, he loves to create books/stories! He sits and comes up with a story and creates a book! Glue and sellotape does not last long around him!! Every day, he gets a little clearer, he is learning so fast and now reading signs as we are driving - I know your much younger child may do this but to me its huge!! 

Am scared about him starting juniors school this year as he is behind but he has done such a great job of trying to catch up. His school/teacher have really been there for him, and us. Hes caring, kind and has such a huge imagination, am excited for him. 

Bear.....well bear is still my wild child, and we have noticed a big stammer coming out now, where he is giving him self more time to find the right word and how to say it. Going into year 1 was a huge change for him and he fell back into his old ways. Hitting out and being really horrible to those around him. We kept at it though as we knew it was down to the huge change he was going through. 
Christmas has felt like such a big mile stone, he is really finding his feet now. Making friends and being able to tell me how he is feeling. I know his favorite colour is green, he loves dragons, dinosaurs and still his old love trains. When he did go back to his old ways, am not going to lie, I felt broken by it. There is nothing like having to hold your child down, singing to them, holding them, while they hit, kick and scream at you. Trying to bite you, pull your hair and hit you. He is very very strong, hes small but wow he is a powerhouse. 

As hard as it was, it was a real wake up call to how far he has come, that was my life, day in and day out at times, trying to calm him. Now he is just him, happy, friendly and so good at building. I can really see the little boy under all that scared anger. 

Dot, our youngest. She has hypermobily, and now a confirmed speech delay. My 3rd child with a delay....Quite normal as they learn not from you but the older child. The difference with her, is she is so clever! She cant say shoes very well but you say 'go get your shoes' and off she goes and starts putting on her shoes. She knows when we are going out and there she is with her shoes. At the same age, with the boys, they would have had no idea what I was asking them. The doctors are not worried, they know she knows whats going on and the words are coming. 

Being a mummy to a child, well three children with speech delay, its very easy to feel like I have failed them some how. It is heart braking, and so horrible having to explain all the time.
Bear loves to say hello to people, hes a caring little boy, but he doesn't get that strangers are different and he doesn't need to say 'hello, goodbye, I love you,' to everyone....That's just him, well both boys, they list who they love and then they add 'and everyone.' So if a little boy says hello to you, and adds love you. Don't think hes crazy, maybe he really does just love everyone and maybe his mother thought she would never hear him say that, to anyone. Maybe she spent a hour getting him to calm down over some tiny thing that wouldn't even enter your head could be a problem. I guess what am trying to say is, be kind. That child whose having a brake down in the supermarket, that child who just throw a toy, that child who is really quiet. That mother who is explaining for the millionth time, why her child is different, please be kind. 

To all the parents going through this, to all of you who may never feel like you are finding a path out of that dark forest, you have my love, my prays,  my good thoughts and you are not alone.

Alice xx

Vegan Christmas 2017

2017 is our 3rd Vegan Christmas and I was really excited in the run up to Christmas seeing lots more vegan options (they sold out really quickly and I hope supermarkets buy more in next year!)

I've always gone to midnight mass, but the last few years I've really struggled. As much as I love it, a church at night, filled with candles and singing is so calming and beautiful. This year I went to the Christmas Eve afternoon mass. Taking my oldest and joining my mother. It was lovely. I'll talk about it in more depth sometime, how I have found my own faith, the girl who was kicked out from Sunday school for asking too many questions. 

The main thing for me at Christmas, is about spending time with our family and friends, eating well, remembering those who are not with us anymore and being grateful. 

A star to guide you

We have a few little family Christmas traditions, one is that my husband lifts up our oldest to put on the star, the last thing to go on.

Christmas Eve Box

Our main one is their Christmas Eve Boxes. They each have a box which I added their names too. Each year we buy them one new decoration, they are stored in their box. Then they put up all the decorations in their box, leaving that empty box out for the elves to fill on Christmas Eve's Eve. 
Then on Christmas Eve, they wake up to a full box of goodies for Christmas Eve. The eves always leave a new set of PJ's, a new mug, treats, and craft things. 
Then when we pack up the Christmas tree, we pack away all their decorations into their box. One day, when they have a home of their own, they will leave with their little box, ready to decorate their own tree! 

Its not Christmas without matching PJ's!

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree...

We have always had a real tree......

This year, after buying my dream car and then having a *insert word here which both covers the word LARGE and A LITTLE SCARY* mot on other...... We just didn't have the money to buy one. 
I love taking the kids to pick the tree its a day out and part of the magic of Christmas but it was only a few days before and we didn't have a tree. 
Without the tree, it didn't feel like Christmas and our minis had started asking. Then with some last minute cash I managed to find a tree at a knock down price due to being on display! 

So real or fake, well I had stuck with a real one as when I looked into it, a real one was less damaging....Here is some really intresting facts - Think the best way is to buy a smaller one with roots (if you can find one) and then keep in a big pot till Christmas. I need to keep our new tree for at least 20 years to pay off the damage. ;)

I was really pleased with our tree and I know if we are broke again next year, I will have a tree! 

While we are chatting about our tree, I have to mention these amazing retro vibe decorations. Very well done Paperchase! I will be keeping an eye out on what you come up with next year! 

My mother who brought these for us, knows us sooo well!! 

Go Retro!

I bang on all the time about how 'they don't make things like they used too.' But its true! I brought a whole new set of china and it didn't even last a year....when I went to replace items they no longer stocked it and I was stuck....I changed it all over to 1960/70, and even with three busy mini people, we haven't broken a thing! Its easy to find replacements and its beautiful! (Also fun to hunt down new items for the set.) 

I love collection china, you just cant get the amazing patterns on new items... Here is my daily china for the house, J&G Meakin Tuilp. 

I wanted a simple table and I had been looking for ages for candelabra. Am a very lucky gal as for my birthday my mother and step father brought me just what I had been looking at! 

Tip - Tea cups make for lovely little pots for sauces !

Snack me up baby!

I love a sharing snack plate, so easy to do, and at Christmas a great way of keeping healthy and using up left overs! click here for tips on what to add

Great to snack in between meals without getting lots of chocolate out ;)

I love the 1970's pineapple and cheese! Love it. If I have a party, its always there....So we tried out not only our favourite vegan 'gary' cheese and a few more! I will add them too our ditch the dairy blog.

It was so yummy, with sun dried tomatoes, and a mint or basil leaf! 

The night before Christmas

Another of our traditions is to read this book on the night before Christmas! This was my mothers retro book and I love it. Its packed away with a few other Christmas books with our Christmas things so its extra special!

I helped a friend find her dream caravan, and opened my door to this wonderful Christmas set!! I will be sad to pack it away, a truly lovely gift and i wasn't expecting anything, just glad to have helped. 

So with a day full of treats, Christmas films and craft. Our minis where tucked up and knackered out ready for the big man to drop off some gifts!

This is important to me, for us, he only brings small gifts for their stocking and whats under the tree is from us and family. 

This was my post on my facebook page - 'I was having a chat with my oldest and again explaining that Father Christmas only brings little gifts for their stocking. That we brought the other bigger gifts, we buy one main gift each, a smaller gift and a book. I think it’s important to buy a few things and not bombard them with lots of things.

Me: So that way he can make bigger things for children who don’t have a parent to buy them something.
Pops: thinking.....
Me: isn’t that a good and kind thing to do, to make sure all the little boys and girls get a gift at Christmas?
Pops: yes mummy, I would love a transformer please. (Think he got it!)

I’ve heard of lots of children going into school and being told that Father Christmas brought their friend an Xbox or 300 gifts....I don’t think that’s in the spirit of Christmas at all. If you have the budget and want to spoil your little people, that’s fine but please don’t say Father Christmas brought it for them!

Christmas is all about kindness, giving, and celebrating with our loved ones. Not leaving other children heartbroken that Father Christmas doesn’t love them or that they haven’t been good enough. '

food glorious food

A very easy meal for Christmas time, is my pancakes! Each time I made them I put them with different things, and it was brunch for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Eve! The mini people LOVE them, well we all do ;) 

Yummy with melon, and kiwi! 

Or just with lemon and sugar!

You can add extra things into the pancakes too ;)

The main event! 

I made a very simple nut-roast and teamed it with a few pre-made brought items too. 

Christmas dinner has always left me needing a few hours kip afterwards and feeling over stuffed and full......but.....a vegan Christmas dinner, is so different, full but not over stuffed and sleepy! 

We had mashed butternut squash, caramelised parsnips and carrots. Stuffing, sausages, roasted poatoes, greens.....just to name a few and bread sauce! (I brought a packed of bread sauce, I checked it was vegan and then added soya milk, just like you would add cows milk - wow, it was perfect!!)

People can get really stressed about cooking a vegan dinner for Christmas, but just go for it. You can still make an amazing roast, not only is it better for you but also, the animals and the planet. I feel so much better than there is no animal on my plate to celebrate Christmas :)

It was gone pretty quick too ;)

I added a can of pop in place of all the non vegan things to add to make this Vegan Christmas cake - don't judge it was made in a mega rush but it was yummy!!

We still had a cheese board, though I found out I didn't have a board to use!! (Added to my list to get) Along with the cheeses, we had Christmas cake, a lemon & red velvet cake and dips and snacks. (I missed timed things a little and it was all served together.)

Vegan lemon cake :)

Vegan Red Velvet cake :)


Happy New Year

I wanted to make a simple eat all together sort of dish for New Years, so I cooked up wraps! Easy and great way of using up the odd bit of veg too :)

I made two main dishes to go with the meal. I defrosted two Linda Mccartney BBQ 'pulled pork' burgers. Then I fried them and added the sauce, then popped them in the oven to brown off.

The other dish was a tesco own free from soya bite type thing, which I will get you a link for :) I cooked it up in a spicy pre-made sauce my husband brought. Like I said, a quick easy to share meal!

I hope all my lovely followers had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. May 2018 be your year for great and wonderful things :)

Happy New Year to you all! 

Alice xx