Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Beds/no school like the old school/make do and mend

A princess bed and 1950's bed!

Make do and mend! 

I was very upset when our Ikea bed fell to bits after about 5 years. When we brought it, I had to get rid of the most beautiful and cozy beds I have ever owned. The Gold bed, I could write a blog just about the gold bed. In fact I think I should at some point. It was a life changing bed! I was very sad to see it go and gutted we didn't have room to store it....just in case we ever had a girl.....

I contacted Ikea, and they wouldn't replace our mattress under its 10 year warranty. Saying I hadn't hovered the bed enough...I did try to say that maybe if the bed slats fitted and didn't mean the mattress fell half out then maybe the mattress would still be ok....am ranting...We lived with our broken bed for as long as possible.. A lot of our house is Ikea, so I do love them, I was just gutted about our bed. It was a super-king, in dark grey. Beautiful and all five of us could snuggle for a film on a Sunday or if someone was ill. We often wake up to an extra mini person in our bed in the morning.....

I have just brought a double bed which is over 50 years old...
I think my husband is right am losing my mind. Lol. 
More on that later....

So here I was with a broken bed and the last thing I wanted to do was just bin it but no way could I sell it....it really was in bits! Our little girl, has a big bed, full size single and a cot bed. We brought the single bed as its a day bed. I had it in my head would could read in it and then she could sleep in it when she was older and we wouldn't need to buy another bed. mmmm best laid plans and all that - as she fast grew out of the cot bed and was still a bit small to go into a single. Well not with some sort of bed guard. We had tried a few different styles of bed guards over the years, and there wasn't really anything which would work. A friend said about building some steps, so she could climb in....that got me thinking.

We where collecting our 'new' bed at the end of the week, so I spent a few days around the mini people, sorting through our bedroom. Changing around things like the wardrobe, as our new bed was much, much smaller. That's when the idea popped into my head, as I looked at our old king size head board, what if that would work I thought... I walked it through to her room and it did. So I started to make her a castle! 

I walked passed two broken Ikea chairs, waiting by the front door to go to the wood pile down the side of the house...Perfect I thought

If you have been reading my blog awhile you will know am a hoarder! So far her new bed has cost me 2 pounds, for some fake ivy! 

Left over paint from painting her room, a flag from our broken bike trailer, 2 broken ikea chairs, one head board and two parts of wood from the foot board from our broken ikea bed. Glue and filler left over from working on the caravan.

A few more jobs to do, fixing it all on, ivy, windows and fairy lights to go! 

I will update this when its finished! 

So our 'new' bed...

Our 'new' 1950's bed. 

We are always on a budget, we spent a huge amount on our old bed. We really didn't want to spend that sort of money again, only to be in this situation again in 4-5 years time.....I started to look into different beds, most where crazy money. Then I had a thought, we have inherited a beautiful 1940's wardrobe and dressing table....why not match them! Go the full hog! So on and off I have searched for a vintage bed. Just when I couldn't bare it any longer and our bed had fallen to bits - I found one!! 

The seller was lovely, this was his parents bed.

 For this and two wardrobes, it was around 500 pounds!!!! That's crazy money for 1950!! (our house sold for around 5000 in 1972)

Now am a hoarder, I love old stuff, am happy at a boot-fair, love a junk or charity shop. But a bed, that feels very personal. Not only personal, also there really isn't many about. There are a lot of wardrobes about but often the bed was replaced a few years back. Add into that my husband is not a fan of old stuff. I was really worried about telling him, I had brought a 1950's bed!! 

Our new bed arrived home and we thought, its late we cant get it together to night. So we slept on the floor, we had got it in our heads it would be like a fun den......it was not....

I spent the next morning, cleaning, oiling the wood and cleaning some more. 

It looks perfect with my Nana's bedding. 

I have always been excited for my bedtime but now I feel even more relaxed and excited! Its way smaller and a lot higher, am worried about rolling over in the night and falling out!! 

Now am on the hunt for a sideboard and a set of draws so all the Ikea can be bashed from the bedroom. Once I have finished our bedroom make over I will share it :)

Check back for updates! 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Retro Festival

This is the first time, we have got to go away child-free!! This was a big thing for us, a chance recharge our parent batteries and relax. (aka nap, sleep, drink a warm coffee and meal!!)

Retro Festival, I've been so excited about it, picked my outfits (1940's one and 1960's one) Hubby got dressed up too!

I know, the most cheesy photo you will ever see of me! Its much quicker to hitch up and go without three mini people..I did manage to leave the record player at home which really upset me! I love putting on a record in the caravan. 


When we arrived, a club member took one look at our wheel and said there is something wrong. Before we could even start to worry that Daisy maybe unsafe we had four amazing friends getting their tool boxes out, getting off her wheel and making sure all was ok. Money cant buy you that kindness, arriving at a Retro Club Rally, you know you are arriving to a family who care. Lucky shes safe but needs a little work, so we have a list and Hubby has been shown what to do. I cant thank them all enough for caring and helping. (Also thank goodness it was on our first child-free weekend as it would be been a nightmare with three excited minis in tow!)

All set up and ready for the weekend! 

To really feel part of an event its best to try and dress up! Am still not getting my hair right but on hand was my lovely friend who is amazing with hair (I've told her she should have a stall next year and I will pay her in vintage Tupperware!)

We had lots of fun, just relaxing. I found I really didn't take many photos or video, just relaxed! (Hair now sorted and sun out off we went for a look round.)

We spent a lot of our time just looking around the other Retro Caravan Club vans, I think there was over 80 of them!! So we didn't even mange a good look at each one! 

One of the things I love about shows is looking around other peoples caravans, seeing their displays and getting ideas. After doing up Daisy (almost finished) I can see how much work some has put into another van! 

Am starting to feel like I have ticked off most things on my wish list for Daisy. Even found some fun solar lights for her canopy. I really didn't find many things when we looked around, a few things I liked but really didn't need so I was good and didn't over spend! My best buy was the sun lounger. I have been after 1-2 of them for ages. This one was a bargain but does need to be fixed. 

I think its become my Husbands new favourite place!

Daisy is such a family affair! Here is my Nana's 1960's table cloth, one of her retro towels, and a 1960's coffee set from my Great Uncle! We use this set in Daisy and when ever we are away. 

I made pancakes for bunch and people looking round the show asked me where I had brought them.......They where really shocked when I said I had just made them in the caravan.....

Yes her 1960's oven still works and is used every trip away. Many people think that the vans are only on display but I think all the ones in the club are used and loved, just for trips away! She is very much a family van, used and loved. So don't look to close, as the paint is not perfect, she still has a few dents and a little work still left to do! 

On the first day I showed her with her dinning room table, set up for dinner for two! Nothing we have is just for show, our clothes are in the suitcase, our food is in the amazing cool box, which still works so well!! This is another one of my Nana's table cloths, I love it! Am so excited as I have found some fabric which should work to cover the her benches/beds. These are retro sheets covering them at the moment but the colour is all wrong! 

On the second day I thought it would be nice to leave up the main bed so people could see it! Its a huge 6x6 foot bed, which is way nicer to sleep on than our current bed at home! (Our 5 year old Ikea bed has fallen apart and the mattress is terrible with springs sticking out, so I have just brought a 1940's bed! Am very excited about picking it up!) I love retro sheets, you just cant get these amazing patterns anymore! 

Shows with three small people can be lots of hard work, trying to keep things looking 'show' and getting them not to move the display things (which is hard for them as its just our everyday things.)

So for the first time, we both just relaxed. I found it really hard! I had ants in my pants, as they say, I just couldn't sit down! 

Without children asking for dinner, and relaxing so much we didn't have much of an idea what the time was.....we eat dinner very late. I must say it was lovely! I managed to make quite a complicated meal, of tofu Kung Po in the caravan! I was very impressed with my self and it was amazing. 
We don't get to sit in Daisy and have dinner late at night, as the mini people would be sleeping! So it did feel like a real treat! 

I love seeing everyone dressed up!

I went for 1960's on day two, this is one of my everyday dresses. Its so easy to wear, I love it! It just happens to be 1960's. Am still working on my hair.....I think I need to spend a night looking through youtube! 

People loved Daisy's kitchen garden! Its so easy to grab some herbs to throw into dinner while cooking in her. It also smells amazing! 

I cant remember the last time my husband and I sat down to a warm meal in the morning together, just us. It was lovely to relax but we missed them loads.

It was great to show off some of the things we have collected for Daisy. As you can see, I need to finish the shelf, but think I have come up with a plan now as to how to do it (I couldn't find the right wood!)

It was lots of fun to look round all the caravans, cars, and stalls! 

Am working on my pile of blankets! I would like at least one for each of us. So only another three to go.....I have at last started on one! 

It was a lovely, relaxing weekend. 

**Video of our weekend**

Daisy is looking just a little different, these photos are a year apart at the same event. Not many more jobs to go till she is 'finished' am very proud to be showing her, and how far we have come! 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Weald of Kent Steam Rally

Wow, this was unlike any other event we have showed our caravan at before! 

Showing Daisy around our three young minis, can be very hard work. Setting up, and showing a van, is not a relaxing holiday. The caravan needs to be show ready, and its nice to be able to talk to people about her. Not a relaxed, still not put the bed away, craft stuff everywhere sort of deal....

So this means when we are showing Daisy, its an extra stress for hubby and I to keep her looking 'show.'

Having said that, showing our caravan means we get to go to some amazing events, and a steam rally in Kent wasn't what I thought would be the high light......

but boy was I wrong. It was amazing, a crazy English summer style, from blazing sun to massive down pour. We got the chance to go to this amazing event. 

Our location was fab, with planes taking off just next to us, this event was huge. Vintage cars, steam engines, fair, tanks, planes and caravans. There was so much to see and do!  

We love being away in our little vintage caravan, snug as little bugs. Thank goodness for dim-out fabric in the curtain lining! 

She is really coming together for shows now, well just for using her - everything in this photo is used! This is my Nana's 1960's table cloth, our 1970's cool box found on ebay and works so well all weekend. 
Our beauitful J&G Meakin 'Poppy' set of coffee pot and cups, from my Great Uncle. My amazing find of the 1950's picnic set, click here to find out about our picnic set. The 1960/70's bedding was my Nana's and the fabric for the curtains was found in a loft having being brought in Africa in the 70's!

Some of the best things where the free things, like when our Bear went running up to this guy - He was amazing and let them ride on the back while we walked along next to them. The minis thought it was the best thing ever! 

At last I have started to type up some proper information about Daisy for shows.

Can we all just take a moment to note, how wonderful my husband is and how well he knows me - Check out these guys!!! Flipping love them!! 

I think Daisy looked pretty good! She got lots of attention all weekend!

People loved my kitchen herb garden. They are just racks from Ikea! Perfect when am cooking in Daisy, Thyme, Rosemary, Mint, chives and Lavender. 

My 1950 light shades and homemade holders look pretty good, if I do say so my self. Just the beds to cover next, even though they are retro 1960/70's sheets they are not in keeping with her colours. 

The area for the rally was huge and there was lots of space to have a picnic or let the minis run off some Energy! 

Truly beautiful sunset right over our caravans. 

Every rally so far this year, its been someones birthday. So I made some more yummy cakes! (Most where eaten by people visiting Daisy!

Even though these events are harder with mini people, they are worth it!! 

I love to cook in Daisy, on her 1960's hob!! I need to work on her oven more though, a job for another day! 

We had an amazing time, well done to the people running this event. Its on our list for next year, people jumping out of planes, tanks, fair, goodness just too much to list!! It was wonderful, a proper family day out and for us, an amazing event to show at! 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Yummy Flat Garlic Bread

I just made a very simple bread dough. 

White Bread Flour - I would say about 2 cups
7g sachet of Yeast
Pitch of Salt
Pitch of Sugar

Mix together (you can add a little herbs into the dough too, like rosemary)

Then I added warm water and mixed, till it was a soggy dough.

Kneed on a well floured surface for a few minutes. Popped it back into the large mixing bowl (having dusted it lightly inside with flour) and placed a tea towel over it. 

If my slow cooker was on i would have popped it on top but as it wasn't I did the following : Poured hot water into a larger bowl, Sitting the bowl with the dough in it on top. I left it until it had doubled in size. 

Pulled it out of the bowl, rolled it into a ruff round shape. (Mostly just with my hands, pulling it into the shape I wanted.)

Then I added, finely chopped rosemary/mint and a little thyme. 

Then add the garlic.

I used dried garlic flakes, but fresh would be fine. Sprinkle over oil, which ever one you like, think all I hand to hand was veg oil. Pop in a hot oven, mine was about 200c.

Cook till golden brown and eat as soon as its cooled a little! (Eat it all as its not as amazing reheated)

Its quite a showstopper arriving to the table whole!

Perfect to dip in some vinegar and oil, with a pasta dish or just on its own! 

Easy and yummy! 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My Vintage Wardrobe

Me, aged about 3, I've always loved to dress up!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would have noticed, that am a hoarder. I come from a long line of hoarders, and that's no bad thing. 

I think its more to do with my families love of 'make do and mend.' 
With a little love and care, things can kept going from generation to generation. My house and my wardrobe is full of family hand-me-downs, from my Grand Grandmothers shoes, to my Nana's cooking pot! My boys are in their 80's jumpers (hand-me-down gift from a friend) running around with my push along, (30+ years old) while my daughter was wearing her Gigi's vest and playing with my old MLP's. 

I've always loved to wear vintage, I have a saying 'if you cant bet them, wear vintage!' Having been to some mega posh dos, and not being able to buy a new flock, I would go in my Great Grandmothers ballgown and feel amazing! 

I've always mixed old and new together, and created my own style. So many friends, would just buy and wear what was in, but that didn't make any sense to me. I liked to wear things which I felt suited me, just wearing what was in at the time, wasn't necessarily what looked good on me. 

'Retro' and 'vintage' have become very popular over the last 10yrs, its harder to find mega cheap bargains. Many items are miss dated, damaged and over priced. Am not saying they are not worth it, as they maybe the only one in that style. It does upset me though when people are only buying an item to make money from it, without the love of that item. To want and use it! You would be amazed at how many people buy and sell retro caravans, having never slept in one! Pushing prices up and sadly, not understanding them fully. So not explaining how to use and look after them to the person they are selling them too. Terms like 'Shabby Chic,' have become buzz terms. So often though, original finishes are lost forever by rushed paint jobs. Now don't get me wrong, better to be used and loved than rotting in field but some truly perfect original condition caravans have been forever changed. If an item is broken, then yes save it. If an item is not the very last of its kind and you are going to keep it and love it. Do what you like. But just trying to turn a profit and destroying it forever, am not happy about :(

Same goes with clothes. I've seen some beautiful items made from old sheets. Am going to blog about it soon but please don't go cutting up the last of its kind! People like me still use and love old sheets, quilts etc. If it's broken, and not repairable then yes, I will show you many ways of reusing and loving it. 

Many clothes can be re-sized and altered to fit, changed in subtle ways. If you care for an item, it will keep going! 

So what's in my wardrobe?

At last, am starting to lose the baby weight, and soon to be stopping breast feeding so I should be able to get back into my old clothes. For years I have been holding off buying new clothes until my weight was back down. I started to look for some new clothes and thought to my self, what am I doing?? I don't really like new clothes, yes, the odd thing here and there like some winter boots or some leggings, but am much more a vintage girl! So my wardrobe is already filled with 1950's dresses, but buying our 1960's caravan I thought it was a good idea to think of some good matching outfits for our trips away! 

Well, am not really a huge lover of your typical 1960's mod look. Its not me at all. But I love the big hair and hippy style of the early 70's so am off vintage shopping!!

Am very lucky that my Great Grandmothers dresses, and my Granny's outfits are all kept safe in my Grandmother in laws 1940's wardrobe. Its not everyone style, dark, big, and solid, I thought it was going to fall and swish me getting it up the stairs!! We have the matching dressing table, I have been after a vintage one for years, its perfect. 

I guess its partly a mind set, I don't see things as junk but beautiful. Don't worry am not completely crazy (hubby may not agree) I don't keep everything and I do give away a lot! (Am like a hoarder stuck in a body of someone who likes clean, minimalist homes!)

Here's me at a family wedding, wearing my Granny's dress. This has to be one of my favorites! It has coral beads threaded onto the dress with gold thread. I've never seen another dress like it. It's breathtaking beautiful. It was brought to wear to a wedding, I need to double check as I think it cost a months worth of my Grandfather's wages-my Granny has very good/extortionate taste! 

When I dropped it off to the dry cleaner, I think I was in a state of panic all day waiting to hear....(Don't wash your vintage dress until you have taken proper advice....)

Most of the items which have been passed down are special occasion dresses. So I don't have many every day items which have been passed down. (Am going to be taking you on a vintage shopping trip for day wear!)

Now something which I love the most about vintage, is underwear. I think I will need to do a post just about underwear! Why I bring it up, is many styles rely heavily on what you wear under them! Petty-coats, corsets etc, help to keep the style and shape of the item when your wearing it. A dress will carry its self much better if its pared with the correct underwear. 

This brings me onto my next point, what sort of look are you after? Many just love a set time period, and want the whole look to reflect that, from hair, make-up to shoes. Some just love a dress and match it to what they have. 

If its for a retro event, you will stand out more if you have insured your attention to detail! 

This is me at the the Goodwood Revival. You can see the difference to the photo of me at a family wedding. My make-up, hair and accessories are all within the time period. The only thing which I couldn't match was the shoes but by sticking to a light tan shoe its hided their modern look a little. To read all about this look, check out my blog all about Goodwood Revival. I highly recommend going to at least one Goodwood Revival, its an amazing step back in time! 

So what sort of vintage lover are you? I almost wrote gal, but I want to note that vintage/retro clothes are not just for the ladies! My husband and Grandfather looks rater spiffing, I must say! 

Like I have said many times, our children are always dressed in hand-me-downs, playing with vintage toys. Now I have to note, that somethings really should be packed away and not played with but having said that, look after them well and they will keep going!

We are so lucky in the 2000-2010s that we can mix and match old and new, like never before. Styles have always been reworked, reused. Sometimes dating something can be quite hard as it maybe a cut of dress used over and over. 

I find it so interesting that styles of ladies outfits through the years, are mostly down to what was happening in the world at the time. Like in the 1940's with rationing. Less fabric was used, so tight skirts, and clothes designed to go right through the year. Women wearing very masculine styles and work-wear. Then came the fifty's, where in one dress 15m of fabric was used!!! This was to show an end to rationing (even though it lasted into the 50's) I found it really interesting that sequins where not rationed, so that's why a whole dress could be covered! 

Shopping retro
There are many places you can find beautiful vintage dresses, shoes, bags, jumpers etc. From boot fairs, charity shops, vintage shops, ebay and fairs. But you must always, first check for horrible little eating bugs. Now don't get me wrong, am friend to all animals, be that big or bug like but when it comes to whats inside my wardrobes filled with my family's clothes......ant no bug getting left to eat in there! So are few ways to be smart about it:

When bring home that new beautiful find, check all the seams, for bugs and tears. 

Shake the item outside the house. 
Carefully, wrap in acid free paper, place into a plastic bag and into your freezer for about two hours. 
Be very careful when you remove the item, it will become very brittle. 
(This will kill any harmful bugs, don't shot me, I gave them a chance....) 
Why not hang some lavender bags inside your wardrobe too. 

When you bring home your finds, they will most likely stink. Its best to hang them straight up to air. If you can (weather dependent) hang them outside to air. I have been hanging up about 7 dresses in my hall to air. Do this before you wash them. You will be amazed at the difference this will make. Hang them on good thick hangers, not metal.

Washing.....Now this is a bit of an art. A purely cotton item, with good thread holding the seams, will most likely be fine on a gentle wash. Without any hard powders etc added. I use Soap Nuts, natural and much better for your skin. Fabric wont last for ever so every time its washed or used, check seams, some will need to be reinforced. Am going to video different this in more detail as to what items I wouldn't wash. 

Charity Shops, people can be really fun about them, whats not to like?! You never know what you find, its helping others and you can get some real one of items you wouldn't find anywhere else! 

So my husband giggled at me the other day, as I said I had been to one of my favorite shops. He asked me what that shop was? Oh its a charity shop in Chichester! He giggled, your favorite shop is a charity shop?! Yes, Yes it is!! Its called Retro & Vintage, and its amazing!! Its all in aid of St Wilfrid's Hospice. Go, its amazing! All retro, all laid out well, with a lovely changing room. From retro kids toys, to china, to clothes. Its one of my 'happy places!' I could spend a lot of money in there, what I like, its not over priced too! Lots of 'retro' shops can be very expensive! Don't get me wrong they are often the correct price, just out of my budget! 

A beautiful dress for only 12 pounds!! With matching earrings! Almost have an outfit for Goodwood, hoping we can go again this year. If not it will be one of my outfits for Retro Fest! Yes there are a few marks but I have its beautiful! Whats the last dress you brought for 12 pounds, that no one else had and looks amazing? I love charity shops! 

Vintage every day! 

Yes, you can wear a vintage dress on the school run! My favourite shoes for the summer school run, where my Great Grandmothers 1970's red amazing shoes! The glue has gone again :( Am so sad, I need to find a specialist to fix them. Last time they broke I ended up walking barefoot into the shoe repair shop and getting a lot of odd looks......I am a barefoot gal in the summer so quite used to that, but it was raining.... 

Hanging up to air, lots of new vintage dresses! 

Like I have said, a dress on its own, may not look like a vintage item. Teaming it with the correct hosiery, handbag and shoes, you have stepped back in time!

What I love is when I wear something which belonged to a member of my family, I think of them. (Just as I do when I say use a cooking pot or one of the many other items I have.)

 This year I lost my Nana. I've been very lucky that I have not lost many people and that many have lived into their 90's so I have got to know them. My Nana, was working still at 91, right up till she fell ill. Am very lucky that she was also a size 4 so I have some lovely shoes added into my wardrobe. The other day, I had on her shoes teamed with her scarf and had so many complements. 

Some items, I have had to pull from my every day wear wardrobe. This is down to wear and tear. As the fabrics are older they can become much thinner, but with gentle repairs and care they can last you for many, many more years. So keep an eye on your vintage every day wear and check seams when you wash them. Most of my outfits you wouldn't even spot the vintage item! I have a beautiful 1950's top, which looks really smart with a black pencil skirt or dressed down with jeans. So don't worry about mixing in vintage with your modern clothes. You will most likely turn out like me, where you go shopping for retro over modern! 

So this brings us onto, modern retro/vintage. 

Styles are repeated over and over, so sometimes you cant tell if something is true vintage by cut alone. Classic cuts and shapes are used again and again, throughout the generations. So I've been finding it hard to get some 1960/70's outfits to wear when showing our 1960's caravan. Am finding it hard, as when people think 1960's they think of the really extreme styles, plastic boots and mini skirts.

 Thats not really me, am more into the hippy style. Pretty much my mother back in the 1970's. So I have been working on getting my hair and clothes right for 60/70's. Not only in that style but also to look like that true style. As like I said, often you could be head to toe in vintage, but you wouldn't look like it was vintage. So its a hard balance. Am much more at home with 1950's but am falling a little in love with beehives and floaty dresses! If you have a keen eye, you can spot some really great modern retro look items, click here for my review of everything for 5 pounds. I found a jumper and a beautiful dress, which have a real retro vibe. 

If your new to vintage, you most likely have been wearing vintage styles for years without seeing that its repeating. There are a lot of 'new vintage' companies out there. Some are amazing and have a great line of dresses and other items. Having said that, the thing I love about true vintage is, its highly unlikely you will walk into an event and be wearing the same outfit as someone else! There is something so much more meaningful about a vintage item, than a new reproduction. Often the older item, was made by hand, I love finding vintage homemade items! There are some amazing new, items, which you can mix in and make your own style! 


There are lots and lots of old patterns, you can find them on ebay etc. Many companies are now re-printing their old 1950/60/70s patterns. This is fab as you can make a new item, from the colours and fabrics you want, fitting you perfectly and still in a by gone style!

Here I am at my boys school's sports day, in a handmade in the late 1960 dress. I love these, I call them 'day dresses' or 'house dresses' they are so easy to wear. They are one of the main items of everyday wear I have. With tights and boots for the winter, sandals for the summer. Like I said so easy to wear. Quite often people just go for the 1950's full skirt dresses and miss out on these more plain designed dresses. By plain design I don't mean patterns and fabrics, I mean cut. 

As you can tell I love this dress! So easy to wear. Teamed here with my Nana's 1960's apron. 

I wear these easy 1960's day dresses, almost every day. Here with my Nana's shoes, very lucky she was a size 4 too! But looking at me, you may not spot that this is a 1960's dress.....

but put it with matching earrings, red lippy, matching hat and coat - then like my friend said, I look like I have walked off the set of Heartbeat. 

Vintage and retro clothing are getting harder to find, but patterns are not. Think you wont fit into that tiny dress, don't worry make your own! You van even use vintage fabrics. 

Here I am in one of my best dresses, a 1940's one. I didn't think I would look good in 1940 style, but with hair, lips, nails to match (only a handbag to find.) I loved it! 

So there you go, I wear vintage every day, but only when I team it with matching hair or items does it really show. I guess am a retro gal, living in a little vintage life bubble. In fact I just come from a long line of hoarders to fixed things, not just throwing them away. Slowly new items in my house are being replaced with better made items from over 50 years ago. They really don't make them like they used too. 

I will be up dating this blog soon with lots more hints tips and videos on how to make the most from your vintage wardrobe!!