Thursday, 12 April 2018

Goodbye Daisy

Selling Daisy, well even the thought of selling her was hard to bare. She was sold in less than a week and to such a wonderful lady who I know will take the very best care of her. 

Daisy is off on a HUGE adventure. 

She is with such a lovely new family who I know will take great care of her. 

I will be updating this blog soon with photos and a goodbye video :)

Fog - Rock Poem

The Fog

sea fog rolls into the shore
silently covering all

hiding the sun from me
a beauitful day, hidden from all

quietly it creeps along the waves, then sand, then pebbles, to me
 from some far off place created, by roaring waves and violent seas 

sea fog rolls into the shore
as into my mind it clouds

my thoughts like the beach huts
hidden from all

The Sun - Rock Poem

The Sun

no matter the size of the storm
the sun will still set

no matter the damage caused
the sun will soon rise

look for the sun 
so big, so sure

all that you do it looks on
all knowing, yet unchanging

the sun will rise

Monday, 12 March 2018


Since changing our diet over to vegan a few years ago, I have been changing other things in our life too. I had been just dip dying my hair (I was happy to find out the product I already used was Vegan!)  My hair does what ever it wants when it comes to dying it. To look at my natural light brown you may not spot that its hiding a red tint. I remember the shock of a hairdresser once, I had warned her....It took 5.5hrs of trying to make my hair go the colour we had picked....They hadn't taken in that my hair intact has a red tint. 

My skin is olive and I do take after my Italian Nana, but my natural hair colour hides my Grannies red hair and in the last few years my skin has lost my freckles too! So I pick a colour and just let my hair do what ever it wants. I once tagged a hair dye company on Facebook, they commented about colour I had picked and said how well the red had come out....I had picked purple! So why did I pick Henna? Well for one, its Vegan, better for the planet, its natural, no plastic packaging and I love that it come out differently for each person who uses it. It really does give a natural shade. If you dye your hair, each hair goes that colour, even if you have lightened some. Not with Henna, on me its blended its self like I had spent hours highlighting different sections! 

After my shampoo bar being so amazing, I thought I would stick with Lush and try their range of Henna. Click here for my review on their Shampoo Bar.

I picked the 'Phoenix from the Flames.' 

They have 4 different shades, Hot chocolate, Inigo-go, Chestnut Glossy Locks and Phoenix from the Flames. 

What I love, ok one of the many things I love about Henna is you can mix it up. You could add a few bars of Phoenix from the Flames with a few of Inigo-go.

I ordered online, and it came in a little cardboard box, with all the instructions and a pare of gloves (hidden under where it says Caca Rouge in the photo above.) I have crazy long thick hair, I can almost, well in fact think I can sit on it and I used the whole bar. It comes in the one big bar but you can brake it into 6 smaller chunks. So shorter hair you will use far less. You can easy mix in a few bars from a different colour. To create your own colour. Now there is no real way of knowing what its going to do, it depends on your hair, if you have bleached or coloured it before, also how long you leave it on for. So if you want to know, do the test. ;) You should do the test (as instructed) to make sure you don't have a reaction as well. I just went for it and left it on much, much, much longer than they advice. So experiment. ;)

Cost, it was 10.95. Which can sound a lot, but I have mega long hair and would have to by two box dyes to cover my hair - I get them on sale for between 5-7 pounds each. So for me this wasn't any more money than am used to and thinner shorter hair you won't need the whole bar!

This was before, as you can see its looking quite dry and a real mix of bleached ends and about half way up the last time I dyed it. Yes that was no where near the colour I had picked and it washed out quickly to this reddish brown. 

I loved my hair, its one thing about me I really love. So thinking of using a new product which I had no idea, how it would come out, not just to my hair doing what it wants but also due to the nature of the product its self it was a little scary! 

I did't quite get the mix perfect, it was a little closer to mud than chocolate. So it was a little harder to put on than it could have been! Do follow the instructions closely but I have also read that you can grate the bar on a grater. Am going to try this next time as I think it will be easier! 

You will need an old towel, this stuff can get everywhere and will dye what evert it lands on. I found it was easy to bend over the bath and put it on like I would wash my hair if in a hurry! This kept the mess down loads! I then wrapped my hair in an old plastic bag and then (I had to do the school run) a vintage scarf for a retro turban. This worked really well, wrapping in plastic will help to keep it warm and working longer but not needed.

I left it on for something like 9 hours....I have read of people sleeping in it, pop an old towel and sheets on ;) (They recommend 1-2 hours.) Doing the test first will help you make up your mind how long you want to leave it on for. With this colour the longer the more copper will come out I think. Once you have washed it off it will still develop for up to 24hrs after so you may still see a change in the colour a day later. 

Its so hard to take a photo of how amazing how its come out! Its really improved the condition too! It look so natural, and I have already had lots of complements. 

Its added a dark red tint to the natural hair colour at the top and brightened the end to a very bright orange colour. 

I don't feel like I have dyed my hair, its so soft and conditioned! The smell is very strong, not my favourite of scents but still very refreshing. 

Not only is this product, natural and Vegan, it also has a lot less plastic waste! (The bar of Henna is only held in card, unlike the plastic bottles of hair dye I used to buy.)

I love too the surprise, even if all my friends picked this same colour, we would all look different! 

Trying to get a photo to show you was really hard work and I ended up with loads of very self-indulgent photos! 

So would I recommend it? YES!! In fact am excited to use it again! 

It is a permanent colour it won't just wash out. 

Yes, it covers greys! (It will lighten them, not matching them to the over all colour but use them as highlights.) I may or may not have found my first grey hair....Am saying nothing!! 

It works differently to synthetic hair dyes, they penetrate the cuticle and enter the cortex to change your hair colour. Henna works by coating your hair like a varnish. Giving it an extra layer of protection as well as colour! 

Lush, the company I picked to buy my Henna from uses Persian Henna, Fair Trade organic Cocoa Butter as well as other natural ingredients. Did you know Henna has been found in ancient Egypt, in fact its been a part of human history for a very long time, found in many ancient cultures.

Henna plant leaves are dried and then ground into a powder. Lush adds Cocoa Butter to make it a conditioning treatment as well as a dye, they say this helps to reduce flyaway hairs and static. I would agree, my hair feels so much smoother and much more glossy!  

This product along with their Shampoo Bar, click here to read my review, my hair feels amazing and looks amazing! I wish I had been using these products for years and not only finding out about them now.  

You don't have to take my word for it - Lush have added a review section to their website, and they, like me have converted sence using this product and won't go back to bottle dyes! 

There are many places you can buy Henna from, from leaves, to powder, some cheaper than Lush but I like that its been mixed with Cocoa Butter. I have also loved how helpful they have been so will be buying it from them. I can't wait till I next dye my hair and see what it does, I think am going to mix it with another colour next time too so watch this space! 

I have not been paid or had free products send for this review. :)

Shampoo Bar

Am currently trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use so I wanted to try one of these Shampoo Bars....We really don't use much shampoo as am not a fan of over washing all the goodness out of hair but am hooked to these bars now WOW!! 

I went for the Vegan Shampoo Bar from Lush. 

Soak and Float 'a no-nonsense shampoo bar. Cade oil is derived from juniper and has long been used to treat psoriasis, sans ruff and eczema. Rose and marigold petals calm things down and soothe redness. All good things to help soothe scalps.'

So how do you use it?? All the instructions are printed on the mineable paper packaging. It was so much easier than I thought it would be and I was so impressed with how much it frothed up. You can use it in two ways, work in your hands for a moment with a little water or to wet hair with a little water on the bar work the bar its self into your hair. Make sure you put it somewhere it can dry out without getting stuck. An old school soap holder would be perfect. 

It really cleans my hair without stripping all the goodness. I didn't even need to add a conditioner to my dried bleached ends! Beautifully soft, an amazing shine. WOW am not going back to a bottle thats for sure!! 

Now I have used their henna (look out for my review) to colour my hair am going to buy one of their copper bars ;) 

So cost? It was 6.50, when compared to more expensive shampoos it was about the same price. Not using shampoo much its a very long time since I have spent that sort of money on a shampoo but it really was worth it. There is something magic about knowing there was nothing hasty going on my skin, in the water or a big plastic bottle to throw in the bin! 

I highly recommend trying out one of these bars. It took me a minute of worrying if I would get on with using it but after that first use I knew I wouldn't be going back! 

Also what I really like about the Lush website, is that it shows you all their reviews for each product, so you don't have to just take my word for it. 

I brought my bar in store and they where helpful at showing me the Vegan bars and talking through how to use it. (I brought my henna online and I wasn't disappointed by their customer service.)

No, they haven't paid or sent me free products for this blog. Go buy some and try it, I bet you will be impressed!! (Feel free though Lush to send me more of these amazing bars! Lol)

Image taken from Lush's website with permission to use for this article. 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

1960's Bailey Maestro T - Tour


Lee and his son Charlie have done an amazing job of restoring this beautiful 1960's Bailey Maestro T  (I will add all the links to Lee's channel will be at the bottom.)

She really was a show stopper, and looked fantastic! I was very lucky to be given a look around, so keep an eye out for a little video about her coming soon. 

So wonderful to see another 1960's van ready to get back out on adventures! 

He has very cleverly hidden away any modern tech to truly show her as she would be been fresh from the factory.

Bailey re-built the interior furniture, keeping the original laches and door handles. Amazing the gentleman who re-built the furniture worked on the original Maestro caravans and still works for the factory! 

The wonderful Simon from Bailey give me the guided tour:

Having followed Lee on his restoration I was so excited to see her and she didn't disappoint. She truly is a beautiful caravan.

Monday, 26 February 2018

NEC Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show 2018 February

My very first Caravan, Camping & Motorhome show and wow, there was so much to see!!

I was blown away by just how much there is to see and do while at the show. It really would be a fab day out for the whole family. 

My busy mini people stayed at home this time as it was my first one. It would have been hard to see as much as I did if I had taken them with me - Lots of chasing after them am sure. Having said that, there was so much for the children to do I know they would have had an amazing time.

There was no way I could get round the whole show in one day, I had a big list of things I wanted to see and didn't miss too many. 

Being a retro gal, Gladys was pretty much top of my list and she didn't disappoint!! 

Click here for a blog all to her self! 

The thing I was looking forward to the most was our met up.

I meet so many wonderful people, and here are just a few of us. 

The Trudgians

Make Way with the Morleys

Caravan Gossip

The Stallwoods

Rob Earnshaw

Touring Britain

There really is a wonderful little family on YouTube full of amazing channels. I was gutted to miss out on quite a few wonderful people I was hoping to meet, but I will at the next one! 

I was very excited to look round an Airstream, a vintage Airstream is one of my dreams. I adore that they have changed very little on the outside since the 1950's! Well, I mean they are beautiful why would you change them.

I 1950's Airstream in a beautiful meadow of wild can dream! 

Everywhere you looked there was something to see, I love these little mini caravans. They where taking round to dealers, to show off the new models. They where easier for the sales man to show, and tow around the UK showing them off! There are still a few around, I know my mini people would have been very, very excited to see a mini size caravan! (I don't think that chain would have held them back!)

Another stand high on my list was Swift, and their Sprites! As am sure you know, we have a 1966 Sprite Alpine, and as they are still being sold today I was looking forward to a look round.

A sprite Major! Very different to my friends 1968 Sprite Major

Another wonderful thing about going to this show, is you get to look around all the accessories. Seeing a product in real life, and getting some show bargains! I was very good and didn't spend lots but I warn you, people did leave having brought a new caravan after just looking at accessories ;)

 I had heard wonderful things about Duvalay from The Tudgains click here for their video all about the great products from Duvalay and it was great to see their products in real life! When I have finished sprucing up the sprite I maybe making a big purchase with them! 

Huge thank you to Gorilla Super Glue!! Knowing I was going to be on my feet all day, I wanted to wear my Great Grandmother's 1970's shoes. They are so nice to wear, and very comfy. The cobbler had given up on them, telling me that the glue wasn't going to cut it any more on these very old shoes.....They are heading for 50 years old but one of my favourite pares of shoes so I was very upset to have been told that. Well, enter stage left a huge Gorilla and his Super Glue! A whole day of walking, and they are still stuck perfectly! 

My mini people may have missed out on the show but thanks to Whale, they had a little goodie bag each! They where extremely excited by the balloons and took their mini Whales to school this morning to show everyone! 

I highly recommend visiting this show, so much to see, so much to keep little people entertained! Wonderful and very much looking forward to the October show!